BigSnoop42 2018-03-08 17:13:43

Who is our next commitment? Thanks

Gary McDaniel 2018-03-08 18:16:25

Hey Snoop... that is a good question and one I cannot divulge other than when you see me inferring things within my Radars.  there is an understanding between recruits, staff's and yes the media to with hold or keep things "off the record" as to let certain logistics play out.  And we always bow to this practice as a rule. 

BUT!  Expect things to ramp up soon. This year the staff has more schollies than it's had in almost 4 years to put out there and why you see them offering and accepting a commitment from a punter that had an preferred walk on offer on the table for months.  When the staff saw the attrition coming up and the increase in available schollies... well the entire philosophy changed and there in lies the litany of offers handed out in last 4 weeks.  

All I can say is STAY TUNED.  the Best is Yet to come :)