It’s time for Lawrence to emerge as the starter

BigSnoop42 2018-04-16 07:09:56

We know this is where the QB competition is going. If he stays healthy he will contend for the #1 spot for the season opener. KB can still play and will play but it’s hard to see him holding on to his position 

CUTrevor 2018-04-16 15:31:50

Everyone will be pulling for Trevor to be named the starter after the game on Saturday, but it is a long way to go until September. Everyone knows he is the most talented QB in the room, but knowing Dabo's modus operandi, Trevor will have to be a lot better than Kelly at the end of August to start the opener--not just a little. You could argue he WAS a lot better on Saturday, but remember that his biggest strength is running the ball, and that was negated by the spring game rules. Also, you should never read too much into spring games, as the starters are split up and the play calling is very vanilla. Kelly might have looked better if he had Tee Higgins to throw to like Trevor did. I'm not debating that Trevor Lawrence should or will be the starter. It's just WAY too early for us to say he definitively will be. Trevor also has to win over the locker room between now and September, which is hard for a true freshman to do without playing in a real game yet. If I had to predict this early in the game, I would say Kelly starts the opener and they bring Trevor in well before halftime, getting significant reps throughout the game. Then, depending on how the two play, Trevor could start the A&M game or they could split the reps again. They have different skill sets, so a dual system could work like it did for Florida in Tebow's freshman year of 2006.

Hill Billy 2018-04-17 17:28:42

Good take, Trevor. Put me in the (other) Trevor camp but I like the idea of using Kelly in some capacity as well to give defenses more to worry about.